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The Whitman Encyclopedia of Mexican Money is the only series of its kind: a set of in-depth, richly illustrated, full-color history and price guides for collectors of Mexican coins—a growing field in the hobby.

Volume 2 of the Encyclopedia covers the modern coins of Mexico in depth. These include many of the most popularly collected Mexican coins: issues of the coinage reform of 1905 and the coinage reform of 1992 to date; commemoratives; Mint and Proof sets; silver bullion coinage (1949, 1978–1980); gold medallic coinage (1953 and 1957); gold bullion coinage (1953, 1957, 1999), including the Cultural Fusion Series of 2011; the silver, gold, and platinum Libertad series of 1982 to date; and the Pre-Columbian Collections coin programs. Illustrated essays study coinage emblems from the Aztec Calendar Stone; the history of design styles of the Mexican eagle; and many other cultural topics related to Mexican coinage. Other resources for collectors, dealers, and historians include bullion-value tables for common gold and silver coins; a glossary of numismatic terms; a bibliography; biographies of important leaders and histories of themes featured on Mexican coinage; and a detailed index.

The Whitman Encyclopedia of Mexican Money is written and edited by internationally recognized experts Don and Lois Bailey, with the collaboration of dealers, collectors, museum curators, government and bank officials, and other specialists. Richly illustrated in full color, with retail prices in multiple grades, it is the new standard reference for Mexican numismatics.

Foreword by Beth Deisher, former editor of Coin World.

480 pages, hardcover, color, 6 x 9 inches.

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