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This holder is designed for the new "Westward Journey Nickel Series". The first newly designed nickel in 66 years. The reverse of these coins will have two new designs available during 2004. The first one issued will feature the design of the Jefferson Peace Medal, which is the medal Lewis and Clark presented to Native American Indians along their expedition. The design features two hands clasped in friendship. The second design in 2004 will feature the keelboat which Lewis and Clark used on the Missouri River. The obverse of both designs will still feature the bust of Thomas Jefferson. Also for 2005 the nickel design features a new image of Jefferson on the obverse and 2 new reverse images, "American Bison" and "Ocean View". The final 2006 images feature a front facing Jefferson on the obverse and "Return to Monticello" on the reverse. All 2004 through 2006 examples allow for both Philadelphia & Denver Mint specimens.

Designed for coin display or long-term storage, this product is made of durable materials that will not harm coins. Holds 13 Nickels. Size 6.5"x6.5"

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