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Tornado To National Title No. 14

A devastating tornado struck Tuscaloosa and near the University of Alabama campus on April 27, 2011. In the debris, lives were lost and dreams were shattered, but the town pulled together as a team. That theme carried over to the Crimson Tide football players, many of whom helped look for survivors on that fateful April afternoon and took part in the rebuilding process. When they returned to practice, Alabama players and coaches decided the best way to honor the fallen and the community would be by winning the school’s 14th national championship. And that is exactly what they accomplished. Tornado To National Title No. 14: The Story Behind The 2011 Alabama Crimson Tide is written by UA’s Tommy Ford and illustrated in images taken by Kent Gidley and his staff of photographers at the University of Alabama. You will read about and see the tornado damage, the rebuilding process, and the involvement of the Alabama players, Tide head coach Nick Saban and his wife, Terry, as well as game-by-game summaries from the march to the national championship!

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