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Do You Remember the Year . . . . ?

Remember the year you graduated . . . got married . . . landed your dream job . . . had your first child.

Celebrate those special occasions with Whitman Publishing’s “The Year in History” books. You’ll relive the nation’s day-to-day news, important milestones, and pop-culture sensations. What events were shaping the world? What movies was everyone watching? How much did it cost to buy a car? What famous people were born that year? Each “Year in History” book is packed with details that bring history to life.

In The Year in History: 1962 you’ll relive a time when • the Cuban Missile Crisis gripped the nation in fear • the first James Bond movie, Dr. No, was released • Herschel Walker, Tom Cruise, and Sheryl Crow were born • the average new house cost less than $14,000 • astronaut John Glenn orbited the earth . . . and much more!

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