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“My doctor just recommended I try medical marijuana. Now what?” Award-winning journalist David Downs gets this question all the time. Thanks to the rapid advance of medical marijuana laws and research, Americans have entered a new era of treatment options for the toughest diseases. They have a lot of questions, and The Medical Marijuana Guidebook has the answers. This book is the first concise, professional, mainstream “how-to” guide to legally and safely access medical cannabis.

The Medical Marijuana Guidebook covers:

  • The steps to obtaining a doctor’s recommendation for cannabis;
  • How to obtain a state medical marijuana ID card;
  • How to find a caregiver or dispensary;
  • Popular medical uses for medical marijuana;
  • Ways of using medical marijuana, including vaporizers, edibles, and tinctures;
  • Common dosages and popular strains;
  • Terms like THC, CBD, indica and sativa, and the science behind the botanical.
  • David Downs is a best-selling author based in San Francisco. A Medill School of Journalism Fellow, Downs has written for WIRED, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Downs is the contributing author of the best-selling book Beyond Buds.  A syndicated columnist, and editor, Downs is considered a national expert on cannabis science, policy, and culture, and has appeared on National Public Radio, and lectured at University of California Berkeley.

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