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With its delta wing orbiter, twin solid rocket boosters and bright orange external fuel tank, NASA’s Space Transportation System — better known as the space shuttle — is perhaps the world’s most recognizable spacecraft. And since its first launch in 1981, the shuttle has proved to be the dependable, versatile and reusable workhorse it was designed to be, delivering hundreds of tons of payloads into orbit, rescuing and repairing damaged satellites, and helping to build and supply the International Space Station. The History of the Space Shuttle takes you on a unique journey through the triumphs and tragedy of the shuttle program, from the earliest design and testing to the historic final launch. In each and every chapter you will find QR codes that link to more than 70 audio and video clips highlighting the shuttle’s record-breaking missions and crews, what it takes to eat, sleep and live aboard the spacecraft, and how the shuttle has been critical to establishing a human presence in low Earth orbit.

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