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In 1881, the father of bass fishing in America, Dr. James Henshall, described bass as “the gamest fish that swims,” and anglers all over North America have been proving him right ever since. In the Bass Fishing Vault: A Collector’s Edition, authors Ken Duke and Jeff Samsel trace the rise in bass fishing’s popularity from the earliest bamboo rods and hand-tied flies to the powerful bass boats and specialized tackle available today. With chapters on equipment, records, competitive fishing and more, Duke, a senior editor at BASS Publications, and Samsel, a veteran freelance outdoor writer, capture the history of bass fishing. Also inside this 144-page book, produced in partnership with the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society, bass fans will find vintage photographs, artwork and replica memorabilia, including correspondence between world-record-holder George W. Perry and the Creek Chub Bait Company, the rules pamphlet for Ray Scott’s 1967 All-American Invitational at Beaver Lake, the receipt for the first life member of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society, a 1902 certificate of guarantee from tackle manufacturer William Shakespeare Jr., and a patent for one of Ole Evinrude’s earliest outboard motors. All of this and more is locked inside the Bass Fishing Vault: A Collector’s Edition.

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