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The Great War offers a dramatic new way to experience the breadth and scope of the "War to End War," from the corridors of power where statesmen and royalty watched the course of battle, to the muddy trenches where soldiers fought, struggled, and longed for home

Tucked inside this historical collection you'll find replicas of wartime artifacts: German and British recruiting posters. a child's toy-soldier cutouts, a tank blueprint, a page torn from German field-engineering manual, a mimeographed Trench Order and Sector Map, an aircraft-silhouette poster, field orders from 5th Division HQ, a press pass into the Versailles Treaty negotiations, and more.
A long with these pieces of history from the Home Front and inside the trenches, you'll be immersed in a gripping narrative, richly illustrated by seldom-seen images.

Learn the story of the Great War as only award-winning military historians Robert J. Dalessandro and Erin R. Mahan could tell it. The Great War: A World War I Historical Collection is your exclusive invitation to explore the defining conflict of the 20th century.


Our Last Summer - The world stage before August 1914: a political and socio-economic overview: the Balkan Crisis and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand; the politics and science of mobilization.

A War of Attrition - The war before the entry of the United States; 1914 and the violation of Belgium; 1915 stalemate and other fronts; 1916 and the bloody Somme.

The Yanks Are Coming - America's entry into the war; the arrival of the American troops; the 1918 Allied advance; the American Meuse-Argonne campaign.

The Armistice - The day the war ended; the Versailles Treaty; the Watch on the Rhine; the occupation of Germany; Plan 1919, and Europe redrawn.

192 pages. Hardcover with dustjacket. Includes removable replicas of wartime memorabilia. With additional highlights on wartime aviation; the war in the Middle East; chemical warfare; tanks; trenches; major Asian powers; German U-boats; shell shock; the Italian campaigns; and the price of the war.

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