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Which NBA Team Is The Best Of All Time?

Everyone who loves the NBA has an opinion on which team was the greatest of all time. Was it the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls that won 72 games in the regular season? The 1962-63 Boston Celtics, in the middle of eight consecutive league titles? Or the 1984-85 “Showtime” Los Angeles Lakers that dazzled fans and opponents? How about the 1969-70 New York Knicks and their epic title win over the Lakers? Sportswriter and longtime NBA observer Roland Lazenby came up with his list of 20 teams made in consultation with some of the game’s greatest players, coaches and front-office executives. Each of those teams is described in detail inside the pages of The NBA’s Greatest Teams. This 120-page book explores each team’s season and accomplishments, and why it should be considered one of the NBA’s best squads. But what makes this detailed “scrapbook” unique are the vintage photographs, artwork and memorabilia that bring each team to life. Throughout this book, you will find removable team photos, schedules, logo stickers and postcards celebrating each of these teams. No fan of the NBA should be without this archive of the league’s greatest teams! Afterword by Hall of Fame member Bob Lanier $29.95

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