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Would you like to learn a new hobby that will save you money while ensuring that you always have enough of the right ammunition for your shooting needs? Due to a continuing increase in sales of rifles and handguns, there is a definite shortage of ammunition of all types. As a result, more and more people are beginning to reload their own ammunition. This guide offers you an opportunity to step into a conversation with an experienced reloader as he takes you gradually through the reloading process, explaining the relationships of the various components and using real world examples to explain what works - and what doesn't. Learn all about bullets, primers, cases and powder, while gaining valuable insight on what equipment and materials you will need to product accurate cartridges in a cost effective way. In addition, you'll learn how to inspect, record, test and track the results of your efforts. If you are new to reloading or wish to grasp the basics more firmly, this guide will enable you to take the lessons discussed here and put them into action!

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