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Now in its 12th year, Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible 2015 is the most comprehensive and thoroughly researched guide to whiskey ever produced. Honest, forthright and proudly independent, Jim Murray has tasted and rated over 4,500 world whiskies. The only truly global account of whisky, The Whiskey Bible is unrivalled in its authority and is an invaluable source of reference to the consumer, the whiskey industry and the drinks trade alike. It has now sold over more than a third of a million copies worldwide.(br/>
Jim Murray is a legend and a leading player on the world's whiskey stage. In his continuous thirst for knowledge and desire to stay at the very top of his subject, he has almost certainly visited more distilleries and tasted a higher number of different whiskies than anyone that has ever lived. Uncompromisingly independent, Jim is never afraid to pour scorn on those deserving or to champion whiskies previously unfashionable or unknown.

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