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An Illustrated History of Barack Obama’s Historic First Term and Reelection

Barack Obama's historic presidential election and his triumphant 2012 reelection are the backdrop to this dramatic view of our nation's chief executives.

From George Washington to Obama, our presidents have shaped our country and our world. In this richly illustrated volume, you'll learn about all of the men who have held America's highest office — their politics and personalities, their ambitions and achievements. Join distinguished authors Q. David Bowers and Dave Lifton on a term-by-term tour of these American legends, enriched by exciting descriptions of the changing nation to put each chief executive into historical and cultural context. You'll come to know our nation's greatest men as never before!

  • Illustrated coverage of Barack Obama's childhood, early life and career; his historic 2008 election; his groundbreaking first presidential term; his 2012 campaign and reelection; and life and family in the Obama White House
  • Each American president portrayed in words and pictures
  • Family and biographical background for each president, including First Ladies and children
  • Photographs of rare campaign memorabilia, vintage political cartoons, and other surprising historical items
  • "The American Scene," a lively tour of American cultural history during each president's term
  • Notable saying from each president — stirring speeches, memorable quips, and powerful insights. 448 Pages

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