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The Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 made provisions for $10 Gold Bullion coins representing the first spouses to correspond with the release of the Presidential Dollars. To make these designs accessible to more people, Congress also approved the striking of bronze medals that "bear the likeness of the bullion coins." Once the gold coin is designed, adjustments are made for the bronze medal series. The medals are not legal tender and elements are not replicated. For instance, the date of issue, the motto, the legend, and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA do not appear on the medals. The focus is on the art, a first spouse and the emblematic theme reminiscent of a presidency. Includes slots for Letitia Tyler & Julia Tyler. Also has 2 slots for Frances Cleveland since her husband served 1885 - 1889 and then again in 1893 - 1897. 42 Openings. 5 Pages.

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