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The modern-day story of Carson City Morgan dollars starts in 1964, when an official audit of the vaults of the Treasury Building in Washington, D.C., uncovered an astounding three million of the coins from the late 1800s. The story of their birth, however, goes back much farther. This book chronicles the amazing history of the California Gold Rush, which brought hundreds of thousands of hopefuls to the rugged Wild West of the United States. Through that hope, two brothers stumbled across the greatest silver find in history, in what we now know as the State of Nevada. In the 1860s it was the birthplace of a mining industry that inspired the dreams of thousands and the creation of a camp that today is Carson City, Nevada, where eventually the U.S. Mint would start a branch and the famous "CC" Morgan dollars would be struck. Coins dealers and published researchers Adam Crum, Selby Ungar, and Jeff Oxman tell the story and present a rich study of each Carson City Morgan dollar, with detailed analysis for collectors, investors, and historians alike. The fully updated 3rd edition includes new photographs and ongoing research and market information.

  • 130 Pages
  • Hardcover
  • 6 1/4" X 9 1/4"

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