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In 1971 young John Conkling was an assistant professor of chemistry teaching at Washington College in Maryland. In 1972, he stepped partway out of academia into a whole new world of fascinating people and technology—the world of fireworks.

Today Dr. Conkling has more than 45 years of hands-on experience in the American fireworks industry, and he’s taking you behind the scenes.

With a natural storyteller’s warmth and humor—and with unique insight from serving the American Pyrotechnics Association as its executive director and technical advisor—Conkling gives an engaging history of fireworks in the United States since World War II. He shares stories of the industry’s most famous personalities; his adventures traveling in China; the growth of federal regulations and the challenges they bring; and the innovations of American technology. He tells about the fireworks of yesterday, today, and tomorrow—and even gives advice on how to succeed in this booming entertainment field that brings joy to millions of Americans.

“I have had the unique opportunity to follow a fascinating industry through its transition into the 21st century,” Dr. Conkling writes. “I have met many interesting and unique people over the years, traveling extensively throughout this country as well as taking more than 40 trips to China on fireworks-related issues, and I have had a lifetime of fascinating pyrotechnic experiences. Here is my view of the journey.”

Hardcover • 8.5 x 11 inches • 240 pages • full color

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