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And Then Came the Angels

A True Story of Faith and Determination by Beth Gayle

Richard Gipson Gayle and his family had the world on a string. “Gip” was a star student-athlete; active in school, sports, church, and youth groups; just starting college and already making new friends. Dad’s business was booming, Mom had just started a dream job, and younger brother Taylor was about to follow in Gip’s footsteps in high school.

Then the unimaginable happened—a horrific hunting accident in rural Georgia—the news no parent wants to get—

Your son has been shot in the head, at close range, with a twelve-gauge shotgun!

Gip Gayle was not expected to survive the night. The complexity of his injuries was beyond the realm of normal medicine and surgery. His story of survival is one of brilliant surgeons racing against the clock... of powerful forces coming together from the most surprising sources... of a family threatened by despair and overwhelming odds...

And Then Came the Angels.

Ultimately this is the story of earthly angels who rallied the Gayle family’s faith and determination.

If you’ve ever had doubt or felt your strength slipping in the face of fear, this dramatic real-life account will energize you and renew your courage.

“He doesn’t take anything for granted. He makes things happen. He’s Gip Gayle; he’s a miracle.” — Dr. Donald Leslie, medical director, Shepherd Center, Atlanta

“Gip and his family have elevated my belief in the power of prayer. Their story will lift your spirits as it strengthens your faith.” — Jeff Foxworthy, comedian and author

“Those who don’t believe that prayer is a healer need to read And Then Came the Angels.” — Phil Niekro, Hall of Fame baseball pitcher for the Atlanta Braves

“As Gip’s grandfather, receiving the call about his accident was devastating. As a physician, I knew the odds were not in his favor to survive—let alone recover.” — Dr. Clifton Morris Jr.

“Gip’s triumph through this tragedy is a testament to faith. He is a true miracle—a faithful fighter who never gave up.” — Chuck Scott, Young Life mentor
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And Then Came the Angels by Beth Gayle Illustrated in full color 272 pages

Hardcover with dustjacket, retail $19.95

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