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The great state of Alabama celebrates its bicentennial in 2019. In anticipation, writer and history editor Horace Randall Williams takes a look back at the events, places, and people that have shaped the Heart of Dixie from the times of the first Native Americans to the arrivals of today’s most recent immigrants. In 100 insightful vignettes, readers will discover little-known details about the state’s geophysical characteristics, key dates in history, significant people, and interesting places to visit. Some like Rosa Parks and Helen Keller are household names, but others like Ned Cobb and Clifford Durr will be revelations to most. Similarly, Alabama’s role in Civil War and Civil Rights is well known, but the state’s rank as the world leader in a type of fossil or as the birthplace of two of the fastest men on the planet are less known facts. From the Freedom Rides to NASCAR, from peanuts to prosthetics, Alabama has many surprises. Come along for a stroll through Sweet Home Alabama!

• 224 pages

• 14 x 11 inches

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