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A guide book of United States coins.

  Working with Q. David Bowers, Kenneth E. Bressett, and other legendary numismatists, Whitman offers the most historically accurate references. Inside the pages of the Whitman line, collectors can find pricing grids, mintages, populations, historical information, tips on collecting and much more. Whitman Publishing takes pride in its commitment to providing the best in numismatic literature.

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Award Winning Authors

Whitman Publishing utilizes the most well known and respected numismatic minds in the production of the Red Book. Legendary figures such as Bressett, Bowers, and Garrett assist in the creation of the #1 best-selling coin guide.


Whitman Coin Grid

Whitman’s innovative coin grid format allows collectors to survey the coin statistics at a glance. Collectors now have the ability to view an array of information in a single location!


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